French-Romanian Diana Cotoman is a violinist and composer, member of Sacem and SACD in France, of the CQM, SCGC and ACWC in Canada.

Her musical training includes a B.A. in instrumental interpretation, violin, at the University of Arts in Iasi, Romania, graduated in 2002, as well as studies in writing music for video games at the University of Montreal, Canada, in 2017 and a DESS in film music at Montreal’s UQAM, started in 2018.

Her musical style could be labeled as neo-tonal or modern romantic and it combines influences inherited from Eastern European folklore and her classical music education, with minimalism, jazz and electro-acoustic explorations. The key word to her musical universe is melody, inherited from her passion for opera.

Her list of works includes symphonic works, operas for young audience, chamber music and music for film and video games. Her works have been played in France, Romania, England, Switzerland, Canada and the United States, and can be found on her YouTube and Soundcloud channels.

She currently lives in Montreal, Canada and teaches violin at l’Ecole de Musique Vincent d’Indy.

List of works

Symphonic works

Paintings – Symphonic suite. Duration: 25 minutes. First performance  in 2009.

Poems – Suite for mezzo-soprano and orchestra. Text: Diana Cotoman (in French). Duration: 22 minutes. First performance  in 2013.

Symphony no.1 Duration: 45 minutes. First performance in 2012.

Symphony no.2 Duration: 50 minutes. First performance in 2014.

London Overture – Symphonic suite. Duration: 12 minutes.

Callisto – Concerto for clarinet and chamber orchestra. Duration: 11 minutes.


Le lutin artiste Opera for young audience in one act (in French and in Romanian). Libretto: Carole Vujasinovic. Duration: 60 minutes. Premiered in 2014. Video excerpts on You Tube.

Toto’s Oz Musical for young audience (in English). Libretto: Germaine Shames. Duration: 15 minutes.

Two pickles in a jar Mini-opera for mezzo-soprano, tenor and piano (in English). Libretto: Diana Cotoman. Duration: 8 minutes.

Musica Opera for young audience in two acts (in French). Libretto: Carole Vujasinovic. Writing in progress.


Chamber music

Brass quintet no. 1 Duration: 12 minutes.

Brass quintet no. 2 Duration: 10 minutes.

Divertimento for flute, oboe and clarinet Duration: 8 minutes.

4 strings on 4 notes – String quartet. Duration: 12 minutes.

Last trio in Paris – Trio for violin, cello and bass. Duration: 10 minutes.

String quartet in three mouvements. Duration: 12 minutes. First performance  in 2013.

Lettres de chair – Song cycle of four lieder for bass and string quartet. Text: Patrick Alliotte (in French). Duration: 20 minutes. First performance  in 2013.

Lieder for soprano and piano (Texts: Paul Verlaine, R.M. Rilke, Amy Levy, W. Shakesperare, Tudor Arghezi, Mihai Eminescu, Otilia Cazimir)

Pieces for chamber ensembles (Romanian dance, Contemplation, A walk in Paris, C’est Noël, Petite suite de Noël , Souvenir, Interlude)

Music for films and video games

Il tempo per un caffè – short film by Roberto Zorfini (Canada)

The night my father died – short film by Eva Serra Agudo (Barcelona)

M. Richard – short film by Didier Belzile and Roxanne St-Arneault (Canada)

Tripertite – short film by Gaby Argay-Faris (Canada)

Jacques Laberge – Un professeur sans mots – short film by Didier Belzile (Canada)

Parmi tant d’autres – short film by Gaby Argay-Faris, Lauranne Arrighy, Martin Fluet, Marie Morice and Sarah Soilihi (Canada)

Délice hivernal – 3D animation film by Valérie Lemelin (Canada)

Les voisins – animation film by Laurence Massé (Canada)

Vibrion – animation film by Maël Blais (Canada)

Anya and the magic ink – video game by UQAT students (Canada)

Requiem for James Dean – song (in English). Text: Fabien Billaud. Duration: 4 minutes. Music video on You Tube. Available on vinyl disc, Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.